The Essence of Time Tick tock..tick tock.

Time…The concept of time cannot be fully understood. According to a study, Time is a measure used to sequence and compare events. Time for me is a space in which series of events occur or as we all know “what the clock reads”. It has long been an important part of daily life.

We often say that time is never enough for anything but I think the right thing should be that I don’t manage time enough. Because we already know that there’s 24hrs a day of which we can use just about half of it. So why not prepare before hand, why not try to “walk with the time”.

Everything to be done in order and done properly, must be within a given time frame. That’s why there’s a stress in defining it as regards work. To achieve any given task, requires organization which cannot do without time .

Mastery of time is essential to find balance what I call “the work-life balance”. It is said that he who masters time, masters all.

Here are a few tips on how to be just that.

First, know how well you want to use any given time provided for a task; with that you can check how you’ve been able to use time, how you’ve worked and used time so far…has it been good or just okay or bad. Rate you’re self. I’m sure you can do that.

Next, evaluate and see….what exactly hinders me/you, search that.What creates that gap? Knowing the level of importance is another point to note, because not knowing what is really important leads to attempting everything which keeps one so busy and then unable to achieve or complete a given task.

Another thing that would help is been able monitor progress, taking note of every stage of progress at a task is important if you’re to be a master. But again how do you monitor progress without knowing what it takes to achieve it.

So, another first is to know the steps and what is needed to achieve the task. Write them down if possible with estimated time needed for each step ensuring necessary work tool required are available. Then follow that up with actions.What to avoid wouldn’t be much. Use a work friendly zone, don’t spend too much time resting from only a few hours of work, always have back up plan for when things don’t go as planned if possible up to a C or D.

Oops!!… I have a deadline. Let me get right to the task at hand.