A Political opponent sent Kidnappers to my house

Vehicles lights were filtering into the living room when the wind from the East began. I zoomed the street through the windowpane to catch a glimpse of the environment before the heavy rain downpour. It was getting colder outside when the light was restored. But as expected, it went off again because of the heavy wind (NEPA).

There was a prolonged silence in the street. The wind becomes calm, and everything seems to be at rest. A strange sound was heard from the neighbourhood. I stoop up amidst darkness, navigate towards the door that stood firm on the entrance, and look it assuredly and at ease.

It was Saturday morning, a day the memory could not escape. I was scared to move out for the morning prayer (Fajr). The sound I heard last night was terrifying. Like the rays of light, I summoned back myself and settled in my room to pray.

In the morning, when light has chased away the darkness, I heard people’s voices growing so loud and husky across the street. I went out of the house to witness the incident. Our neighbour, Mallam Musa, was abducted together with his fifteen-year-old daughter, Mario.

Last night, the abductors came in a black 406 Peugeot; an eyewitness who saw the car said it was three of them, a driver and two others. They were all masked and left no trace of identification.

Mallam Musa was the counsellor of the community, and he won the last election, which was held a few months ago. Before the election, he was threatened by his opponent Tanimu to withdraw. Mallam Musa refused because he saw hope. He was a businessman who was known for his honesty. But the life seemed to open a new page when he was tossed at the Frontline of politics.

The police arrived at his residence to investigate the incident and take immediate action. They try to console his wife to give them detailed information, which will provide a hint to trace the abductors. After she had calmed down like the temperature, she narrated every bit of what had happened. His opponent during the election had sent him a letter last week after the inauguration ceremony. But Mallam Musa kept those words to himself.

His wife encountered the letter two days ago before the occurrence of the incident. What was shocking in the letter was how Tanimu mentioned that he would do anything to silence him and not to see the daylight soon. The police requested to have a copy of the letter as evidence to present at the court.

When the news of the investigation carried out by the police reached Tanimu, he took fast action to release Mallam Musa, who was under detention. This decision of Tanimu was made to protect his reputation and dignity, not to ruin his campaign and his political ambition. After 48 hours of their abduction, Mallam Musa was released on the condition, ” you will step down from your office.”

This was one of the most complex decisions to make, the people had his trust, but his family was at risk. His daughter was yet to be released; his final decision would grant her freedom. His wife concluded he should step down to rescue their only daughter. Mallam Musa had no option than to step down.

When he submitted his resignation letter from the office, the news went viral he had stepped down. They later received their daughter in the evening. Many people said he made the worst decision, but deep down, he knew what he had faced and what was ahead. His family regained back their freedom, he returned to his business and continued to flourish and be contented with what he got from his business.