At What Point Do We stop Victim Blaming?

Two girls were raped in their sleep at a party and some people dared to ask why they were at a party, passed out from drinking?
The mother of the perpetrator even said rape couldnʼt have happened to them because they werenʼt kids or teenagers which explains how she managed to birth and raise a rapist.
Every time women are given pamphlets outlining things to adhere to if they want to avoid being raped, from a young age women are told to protect themselves from predators but no one thinks to make examples of the predators so that there are fewer incidents of rape. We tell women to be nice so they donʼt anger someone with their words and cause him to rape them, to wear clothes that reach to the floor so that they donʼt tempt someone into raping them even though time and time again rapists have proven that the only motivation they have to rape is an animalistic desire to control and overpower another person. We rarely hold these perpetrators accountable, we shame their victims instead.
It is said all women live by a rape schedule, placing restrictions on themselves and living by certain codes for fear of being raped and still some fall victim to rapists in ways they never imagined, in spaces, they deemed safe and sometimes by people they know.
Babies are raped, and modest women too so at what point do we realize that what a woman wears is not the problem, when do we realize the person who feels entitled to another person’s body is?
Stop shaming victims into silence and start holding their abusers accountable. Donʼt wait for it to be your sister, wife, daughter or niece before you start getting angry. Women deserve to live in a world where their abuse is not blamed on them and it is up to all of us to build that world by administering punishment to those who perpetrate sexual violence.
No one should feel afraid of speaking up about their abuser for fear of being ridiculed or blamed, their abusers should be the ones trembling and crying.

Stop protecting abusers!