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Before You Buy The Next Asoebi, Read This

The cost of attending a wedding starts when the wedding date is fixed. Most couples want their wedding to be the talk of the town. And that is where it all begins. First, they bring out the asoebi or Anko(a dress code of matching colours and fabric guests are expected to wear) for the event because attaining the aseobi comes with special treatment at the wedding. You get to sit at the high table, eat great exceptional food, and get souvenirs, among other things.
As a wedding guest, that is where the cost of that wedding starts. First, buy the asoebi so you are not left out of the festivities and support the couple. After getting the aseobi, the problem begins; you start thinking about how much it will cost you to sew it, what style you want the tailor to make, and what veil, jewellery, shoe and bag will go with it and your makeup.
This could pose a problem if you are not financially buoyant but still want to go out of your way to leave impressions on people who don’t know and who don’t care about you. We don’t want to agree with our status and conditions, we don’t want to manage, we don’t want to accept the fact that we don’t have, and we do everything humanly possible to be the topic and sensation of a wedding to stand out for a wedding which you are invited as a guest.
You are invited to a wedding; why must you overdo it? Who are you impressing? The makeup, once the wedding is over you have to wash it off, the money you spend on that face beat is never coming back to you, no matter how costly the clothing you wear, you will not wear it for a lifetime, some of the styles you can’t wear it anywhere else after the wedding, it will just rot in your wardrobe.
No matter how you try to impress and stand out, you must see someone that is better looking, so don’t pressure yourself.
If you don’t even have much, in fact, why attend? If you must follow, why pressure yourself unnecessarily? Everybody wants to impress just for a one-day event, and some people even go to the extent of being in debt. Some are mounting unnecessary pressure on their bank accounts, the way and manner, and the level people are stretching themselves to achieve that one-day event; even when they don’t have they will shake heaven and earth in this life to accomplish that one-day event that will only last for a couple of hours but, they want to shine, dress to kill
and “pepper them”. When you overdo, that’s when it’s a problem, but it is good to look amazing and dress well; looking good is good business, and some meet their partner at other people’s weddings. That doesn’t mean you should go extravagant; you are going the extra length to do things beyond your capability, and it only hurts you in the end.

You don’t have to go all out for a wedding that isn’t yours. You could dress and still look amazing while having a good time. Worrying about impressing strangers at the wedding will leave you broke and swimming in debt, so stay within your budget. If you can’t afford to buy the asoebi for the couple whose wedding you are attending, you can politely let them know, and if they are not understanding, then you can decide not to attend. Do not let them make you feel like it is a necessary expense if you cant afford it. You can also choose to still attend the wedding wearing something that fits the colour of the wedding. Live within your means. Your life will be all the better for it.