Why Are Young People Dying of Heart Attacks?

Heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases are significant health concerns around the world. They are mostly believed to affect older adults, but recently a rising number of heart-related diseases is being diagnosed and reported amongst the younger population. While medical professionals find it puzzling and are yet to find conclusive answers to these occurrences, they have pieced together a few factors that could be behind it.
When blood flow to the heart is blocked due to the hardening of the arteries and fatty deposits, including cholesterol, it could narrow the coronary arteries and lead to a heart attack. Most heart attacks are fatal and require immediate medical care when they occur.
The lifestyle choices you make, your diet plans, your workout routines and stress management can affect the probability of having a heart attack as a young person.
Doctors say young people rarely get heart checkups, especially before they start a workout routine and go to the gym; they do weight training, making the heart thicker. Some take supplements which are bad for the heart leading to arrhythmia, a condition in which the heart beats with an irregular or abnormal
For people in their twenties, minor blockages could develop due to genetic factors and increased cholesterol. When a person faces a stressful event without preparation or an infection, pressure on the heart causes clots to form near blockages, which could result in a heart attack.
The rise of the covid 19 epidemic is another reason heart attacks amongst young people are prevalent since the disease gravely affects the blood vessels of anyone who has contracted it.
The stress associated with work, urbanization and lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating habits and patterns are also crucial.
To curb this rising problem, doctors advise that one should go for regular heart checkups and do away with the idea that heart attacks only affect older adults. Reducing sugar and fatty foods consumption and cutting off smoking and drinking could reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease in young people.

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