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Can Drinking Water kill you?

Can drinking water kill you and is it a valid fear to have? Seeing that a woman, Ashley Miller Summers, died a couple months from drinking too much water, you may be worried about the possibility. Wait, let me explain, it’s not a common occurrence but you need to know when to stop.
Overhydration can cause mild to life threatening symptoms. The idea is not to stop drinking water but to know when to stop. Here’s why;

Hyponatremia is a condition caused by over-hydration which reduces your blood sodium. That sodium is important because it regulates where water is sent and distributed in your body. It’s like a traffic warden telling the water, hey! you go there and you come here. You need it !
Luckily it is uncommon to get intoxicated by water but you need to drink what your body can easily get rid of.Basically, hyponatremia is not something you need to worry about unless you’re a high performing athlete, in that case please monitor your water intake. But still, overhydration is not good for you and puts stress on your body. Here are some signs that you’re drinking too much water so you can adjust.
You’re peeing frequently
Obviously, if you drink too much water there’s only way to get rid of it and it can get pretty annoying when you’re in a position where you can’t access the bathroom.

You Feel Bloated or Nauseous
Over hydration stresses your kidneys , they have a limit to what they can excrete and when you surpass it you’re just giving them extra work, as a result you’ll feel puffy and bloated. Also you could feel nauseous from drinking too much water, if you drink water to the point where you feel
uncomfortable please stop.

You Have a Headache
You may say, but I have a headache when I don’t drink water, well you’ll also have a headache when you drink too much? So just balance it, Doctors say 11 to 12 cups of water a day is fine. Don’t drink twenty, you’re not in water drinking Olympics and you will not win. Calm down.