Experiencing tooth shocks?

Tooth shocks also known as tooth sensitivity can be quite jarring. It occurs when protective enamel wears out are exposing nerve endings and the result is the “shock”.

Symptoms include sudden sharp pain while eating, discomfort while brushing. In advanced cases a throbbing sensation in the affected tooth. There are many reasons why these may happen.

The most common reason is the Erosion of the enamel due to aggressive brushing and continuous consumption of acidic beverages.

Also, exposure of the root canal when the gums recede and will lead to increased sensitivity.

For some, it could be as a result of using their teeth as a tool for opening a bottle of soda or cutting off things , even biting on metal or hard stuff could lead to a cracked teeth which them exposes the nerves to ‘new’ temperature thereby causing sensitivity.

Some people experience the shocks briefly when they consume hot or cold food.

Dental cavities (holes) caused by food reactions in the mouth (acidic or microbial) compromises the tooth structure and defense making them susceptible to sensitivity.

Tooth shocks can be managed using toothpaste specially formulated to hel relieve the sensitivity over time.Minimizing pressure exerted on the teeth while brushing by using soft- bristle brush, avoid hard bristle brush as this causes abrasion on the enamel. Also reduce the consumption of acidic foods and beverages.

It is important to take note of these, to avoid having shocks and also to maintain good Orla health.

If symptoms persists, consult a dentist.

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