Finding Peace In Difficult Times

Every day, there are so many terrible things going on; we see a new story about tragic events that occurred to people around us or in some faraway land, stories that are overwhelming and leave us feeling anxious for the future.

These tragic tales sometimes take over our minds, and we start to look at things with a mind full of despair. We expect the worst because it is what we are used to experiencing.

This is not good for your mental health and could take a toll on you. It is essential to disconnect from these harsh realities and find peace in the simple things

.What you expose your mind to affects your perception of the world, and you need to balance the good and bad for your sanity. The world may be sad and full of bad people who do bad things, but it also has good people who do good things, pay attention to those good things more. Watch movies and shows that make you laugh and feel like a child, hang out with people that radiate positivity instead of those who complain about everything. If you are a religious person, pray it would provide you comfort.

Try new things, be open to adventure. Start being spontaneous, say hi to someone first help someone in need.
Do not let anything affect you so much you start to lose your glow; let go of anything that drains you; you will be all the better for it.

The world may be a terrible place, but beauty can still be found in it.