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Food Photography Using your Phone

Hi, today I am going to show you a few simple steps to take great pictures of food using just your phone. Simply get an iPhone or any other phone with a good camera. Let’s get started:

1. iPhone: You will need an iPhone 7plus and above.

2. Lighting: (Window Lighting)

Lighting is the essential thing in all of photography and key to every good photo. What makes a perfect photo is how it’s lit. but here you don’t need any expensive lighting. Just find a window, the light should not be strong, a soft, morning or evening lights are great, but if your window is not facing the sun directly, it is also good.

3. Simple Background. (The white colour is better)

You don’t want to have too many colours as your background, because it will be too distracting. Usually use a white plate and white table. So what the white does is it differentiate the food from other aspects of the photo. So the viewer’s eyes will just focus on the food item. You can add a cup of juice or sauce just to make it nice looking.

4. Camera Angles

Three main things are angles are top, 45 degrees and straight out. It depends on your style, but if you are snapping a waffle, you need to catch from the top. 

5. Never zoom into your image. 

Move your hands towards the image instead of zooming in. You can use portrait mode to get a depth of field and tap on your iPhone to get the food item on focus. 

6. Get a bounce board. 

A white cardboard paper will do, just place it across your light source and it will make the photo look amazing.

Practice and take more shots until you achieve the perfect look.