Hey, you are overthinking again.

The quality of our thoughts affects our moods, confidence, relationships, sense of self, how we treat others and more.
Learning to purify our thoughts of negativity is vital. To do so, we have to cut down on the negative things that run through our minds, and thankfully there are specific tools we can use to make this purge.
Here are four ways you can do this;
Focus On What You Control
Instead of worrying about things we canʼt control, like how other people treat and react to us, remember that you have no power over that and the only thing you can manage is who you let in your life, the boundaries you set on what you can take from others and letting go of people who do not respect these boundaries.
Talk To Someone
Venting to a close friend about what is on your mind can help relieve you of stress. Keeping things to yourself and bottling up stressful moments can push you over the edge. It is nice to talk to someone who understands.
Write What You Are Feeling Down
I enjoy writing things down or journaling; there are things I canʼt or donʼt want to share with others, and I’ve found that writing things down brings me peace. I feel better and more relaxed; it is more like writing a letter to myself and has made things easy.
Take Action
When you start having intrusive thoughts, engage in something productive to keep your mind off. You could go for a walk, clean your house, play music and sing/dance along (my favourite), or go to a friendʼs place.