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Your Tongue And What It Says About Your Health

When things are out of balance in our bodies, it lets us know, but most times, we donʼt pay attention or miss those signs because we are not listening to our bodies. Your tongue is one body part that could help you know if something is off.
Checking the tongue to know the state of your health is common in Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurveda (an Indian treatment system). They check this area first and use it to reveal hidden ailments in the body. Here are a few things to look out for on your tongue when assessing your health.
White Patches
A healthy tongue has a soft pink colour, with a thin whiteish appearance that doesnʼt come off when you use a brush or tongue scraper. But a thick, milky white variation of it could be a clear sign of candida growth, a type of yeast infection in the mouth known as thrush, requiring medical treatment.
If your tongue is a little sore and you notice redness, this could mean a deficiency of vitamin b12, folic acid or iron in your body. It could also mark the beginning of an infection like a sore throat.
Dark, Hairy Coating
People say smoking causes the tongue to grow hair, that is not precisely true, but it does harm the healthy microbiome inside your mouth, making oral hygiene a challenge. Poor oral hygiene could cause a dark, almost hairy-looking coating on the tongue. Floss, use a tongue scraper and brush thoroughly to combat it.
Inflamed sores
Mouth ulcers or inflamed sores signify overeating spicy food or your favourite acidic fruit. It can also happen when you have a minor injury from eating something sharp or if you bite your tongue. Sometimes they occur when you are under too much stress. Sometimes, it can be a sign of oral herpes. If you spot one on your tongue, seek professional help.