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Lobster Wahala

A few weeks ago, someone on Twitter lamented about the price of lobster she ordered at a restaurant, and her complaint was mainly about the pasta she was served with it because the portion was small for the amount she paid, N39000.

The tweet went viral, and many attacked her for complaining because, according to them, “lobster isnʼt accessible”, and she should have opted for something cheaper. Others said it was ridiculous that it was that expensive since lobster in the past was labelled a “poor manʼs food”, which led me to research why lobster is so expensive.

The demand for lobsters is higher than the supply; it takes about five years for lobsters to mature, which is a long time for someone who wants to eat lobster today and not in the future, so to control the demand and ensure supply, the price has to be increased.
Many people equate high prices with luxury and wouldnʼt mind spending a lot of money on items that wouldnʼt be accessible to people who are not well off. Some countries require every lobster caught to be a specific size(not more than three inches) and must not carry eggs and more. If a lobster doesnʼt meet the requirements, it is thrown back into the sea.
Lobsters must be kept alive even when cooked to avoid harmful diseases. The process of transporting lobster to a restaurant is long and complicated. So youʼre not only paying for the lobster but also for labour.
Also, cheap lobster can raise suspicion of being of inferior quality or being poisonous because it is delicate.