Why Social Media Stalking is Harmful

Stalking is a bad thing, even tagged as a criminal act in some countries. With the modern technology at hand through which we can get access to everything, stalking has also become easy. We get access to every little information from the comfort of our homes without anyone knowing.
Most people stalk their partners, ex, friends, mates etc, on social media platforms which is an easy way to hurt yourself when you see the person’s progress story and how happy the person is. That is because whether you are there or not, the person will keep living and making new connections. The vindictive thoughts of if you leave me, if you walk out on me, you will suffer, are all tales by Moonlight.
Why waste your time as if your life depends on it? It makes you feel miserable. Social media is full of illusions; everything is not as it seems.
Checking and stalking someone to see who is leading the race of life. Are you in the front or at the back, or you both are on the same lane is unhealthy.
You will realize you are hurting yourself sooner or later. Move on and open a new page; choosing to continue stalking them will make you lose concentration, focus and direction, and it will only cause you problems. You are or you will be hurting yourself checking on an ex to see what they are up to. You could significantly affect your mental health by doing this instead of taking steps to move on.
Seeing a former partner in a new phase while you are still stuck in a time when you were together could throw you into a downward spiral and cause you to act out in self-destructive ways.
If you fall into this unhealthy pattern, it’s best to take a break from social media and engage in more productive activities. Talk to a professional if you have to.