More Groupchats, More Problems

We can communicate with people from far and wide range with our phones, apart from that the modern technology has come with much improvement with the likes of different social media platforms which you can communicate with people you never knew or met in person.
Through these platforms, group chats can be created for different purposes and activities like reunions, weddings, family members, friends, colleagues, workers, NGOs, politics, cooking, games etc. through which people come together and share their ideas and contribute in a way.
With that, people start to create more groups with no or little purpose and benefit just to annoy others. The likes of truth or dare, gambling, illicit activities and all that stuff.
Apart from creating such groups, they will add a lot of people without their consent to such groups. Most people exit without a second thought. Due to different reasons either because of personal reasons, or a waste of time and resources.
Don’t assume because you are friends it is okay to start adding people to group chats without their consent, they might be your friends and still not want to be in such spaces with others so ask for their permission or send them the link to join if they’re interested.
Also another thing, in the name of reunion or friendship some will start adding unnecessary demands and put pressure on the members to buy food and make monthly contributions which could lead to Arguments and people leaving the group without achieving its purpose.
There are also rule breakers that you find in every group, they use that medium to bring something unrelated to the main purpose of the group.
People react and handle these situations differently some exit instantly while others observe before leaving.
People who constitute nuisance in group chats express a clear lack of boundaries and are disrespectful of the boundaries of others. There’s really no way to deal with them except to block them, leave the group chat or have a group administrator regulate the type of content that is posted.