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No One Is Coming To Save You, Do It Yourself!

Nobody will tell you, but constantly letting them walk all over you and skip your boundaries benefits everybody but “you. “Keeping the peace is overrated; sometimes, it is necessary to change it for people.
Have you heard the phrase closed mouths donʼt get fed? If you donʼt say what is on your mind about certain situations, you will never resolve them, and you will be stuck repeating the same toxic cycle.
People donʼt automatically know how to treat you, so sometimes you have to remind them. I recommend starting gently; if they take advantage of your calmness and sweet demeanour, turn it up a notch and let them know you are not the one to play with.
I know it’s scary; I’ve been there but being a people pleaser is no fun. I know that too because I used to be one.
It took me a while to learn to stand up for myself and tell people I expect to be treated a certain way and wouldnʼt accept anything less. It has improved my quality of life, and some people cannot comprehend that you know your worth and add tax, but that is not your problem. Trust me, you donʼt want people like that around you, and eventually, they realize that certain traits they possess wonʼt be tolerated. They may lash out or avoid you, but the important thing is you let them know you wouldnʼt be pushed over.
Life is too short to bend over backwards so that everybody compliments you on your ability to do contortions. You canʼt please everybody, and even if you did, youʼd be displeasing yourself. You matter too!
Start saying no, and start putting yourself first. I am not saying you should be a thorn in anyone’s flesh ( well, you could if they started it first ), but donʼt let anyone think they can treat you poorly and get away with it. Once in a while, change it for people.