How to start something from a scratch {Pidgin English}

Procrastination dey come in different ways, some time na excuses wey we dey give ourselves make we no start something. Maybe we wan begin read one book or even we wan comot with friends, our mind go come the give us excuses make we no do wetin we wan do. The excuses dey silly sometimes sef, for example sometime u go thing sey make you first eat food, or make you wash your clothes or even you fit say make you relax small and after 3 hours you still dey on instagram dey scroll pictures.

Inside this Video I dey talk about how people dey procrastinate, creating excuses not to achieve wetin dem wan achieve. “I no get time so I no fit start my workout” or I no get something A, so I no fit start something B”… I try give some three things wey person fit use pass that procrastination and achieve success.