Queen Elizabeth II, Longest Serving British Monarch Dead at 96

Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96. She was the longest serving monarch in British history and was queen for 70 years.

She was born in Mayfair, London as the first child of the duke and duchess of York.

After her uncle Edward VIII abdicated the throne because of his choice of wife, the twice divorced American Wallis Simpson, her father became King George VI and she became heir to the throne.

She wedded her cousin Prince Phillip, a naval officer and he became the duke of Edinburgh.
In January 1952, the 25 year old Elizabeth lost her father and was crowned queen in 1953.
Her 70 year reign spanned wars, a pandemic and the loss of her husband Prince Phillip who passed away in 2021.

She is survived by four children, many grandchildren and great grand children.

Tributes pour in from the world as many mourn the queen they have known for most of their lives.

Prince William became the next in line to the British throne following the death of the queen and her eldest son Charles is the new king.