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The Battle of Change

A battle with a beginning must have an end; even if it is fought under our imaginative thoughts, we need to have a stopping point and reflect on our past. This will be an assessment to carry out as warriors on the battlefield of our destiny in our county. We need to come together as individuals with collective ideas and make this choice.
The time has come when citizens need to open their minds and listen to the aspirants, engaging our atmosphere for our vote. It is the responsibility of all of us to choose our candidate, a candidate who knows how to approach the present, look at the past and approach the future by looking at the past and present. When we come together and become strong with our collective ideas, we should choose the best candidate who can fulfil those promises after listening to the promises.
Over the years, many promises have been made and have always been unfulfilled. What is needed of us is to sit down and think about who can fulfil those promises—someone who can steer the nation’s wheel towards overcoming challenges in the race of excellence.
This choice has come to us as the last hope for a citizen, which is inevitable because we have gone through a lot of troubles. I considered this choice the most significant turning point we would have to take in our history.
However, looking at our ancient history, that history implies a momentous decade. A moment filled with promise and visionary leaders who are Patriotic, and I think that is one vital quality most of those candidates lack. But we need leaders who can put the interest of their people first, who cannot sleep at night when their people are in danger until they find solutions to their problems.
It is now time to make a wise decision that we will enjoy as citizens and coming generations. A collective decision that can change our situation for to better and impact our lives positively. A choice made from experience, which we will reflect on our present and think of our future.
History shall only be fair to us if we navigate our way towards changing those circumstances and our failures into opportunities. This can only be achieved if we change ourselves as individuals. In a global community surrounded by self-interest, changing ourselves opens the door to developing our communities and us as individuals.
Starting at the walls of our society, everyone has time to play and change our history; we all need to start from somewhere. Parents at home should play their roles as parents by training their children in morals and conduct and changing their mindset, filled with love and sympathy for their fellow men. A school teacher should play his role not only by passing knowledge to the student but also by teaching morals and conduct and what they need to know on how to tackle challenges and equations beyond the classroom walls because knowledge without morals is useless.
The Imam and Pastor at their worship centres should play their roles by addressing the audience according to their religious beloved and charging them with the responsibility of changing themselves.
Everyone as a person has a role to play in his society. Individuals should not only be concerned about their children but also address other children as their children, even if they are not from him, by building them to do the needful and leave what the society doesn’t need. That is how we will create a culture of youths who can change our new history.
To win this battle of Change, we need to take charge of our future and change ourselves to have a sustainable change from the grassroots, which is deeply rooted in transformation as collective individuals; only then the end will smile at us blissfully.