The Two Faced Anomaly

When people say you’re two-faced they don’t mean it literally, they are saying you are deceitful and not trustworthy, but in English Urban Legend there was a man believed to have two faces, literally.

Edward Mordrake was said to have been born in the 19th century to an affluent family. He had a face at the back of his head, the face was supposedly female and while it couldn’t see, eat or speak it delighted in Edward’s suffering, smiling when Edward was weeping and upset when he was happy.

According to the legend, Edward begged for the face to be removed because it caused him great distress. He claimed that it whispered evil things at night but no doctor dared to remove the face.His story was detailed in “Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine”. He was described as an intelligent man and a talented musician. He had a great physique until you looked at the weird situation going on with his face.

He was tormented by the second face and had many sleepless nights because of it and this made him to seclude himself from everyone even those closest to him. He had no friends and hid from family members. He was heir to a noble peerage but never claimed the title.

After unsuccessfully trying to get free of his bonus face, he took poison and died leaving a letter with a request to be buried in an unmarked grave. As fascinating as this story is there is no evidence that it is true.