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World Food Day 2023

It’s world food day, you know what that means ! Eat and enjoy yourself but don’t do just that .The world food day was created in 1945 by the food and agriculture organization but it wasn’t officially recognized until November 1979 and it started to grow in popularity in 2014.

You may hear World Food day and think yay , great day to stuff my face with food well maybe but it’s beyond that. The objective of world food day is to promote the idea of helping out others who can not afford to eat regularly.

Over the years the world food day has been used to shed light on different aspects of food security and agriculture , fishing communities, biodiversity and climate change.

Many organizations around the world also celebrate this day and businesses too. It is not limited to them , it is a day for everyone and if you are unsure how to celebrate here are some tips.

Donate Make a donation to a charity organization of your choice. You could send food items to orphanages around you, give food to beggars on the street or donate to your places of worship so they can do it for you. You can donate essentials like rice, beans, oil or snacks like cookies and beverages.

Try new cuisine Learn more about countries of the world by trying their local dishes, if it’s too expensive to try food from other countries you could eat from other ethnic groups. If you’ve never had Edo food, Hausa food, Idoma food this is a perfect opportunity to experiment with your taste buds and find a new favorite food. You could try this with friends and family to make it more interesting.

Visit a farm Go out and see how the food you consume is produced, you could help out and support poor farmers with farm tools and fertilizer for their crops, they would greatly appreciate you.

Attend a food event, If there’s a food day event happening you, attend it and show support to everyone that came out to participate in it. Do not waste food, there are people who can’t afford to eat three meals a day, help them out instead of using food for sport and wasting it. Do your part, feed someone today.