TRT Launches New Channel

Turkiye based media house TRT, recently launched its African TRT Afrika set to focus on homegrown stories from the continent.

It aims to bring African stories to a global audience and would be broadcast in four languages; Swahili, English, Hausa and French. The channel began operations on March 30 during the second day of the broadcasting summit organized by TRT and the African Union of Broadcasting in Istanbul.
It aims to foster good relations between Turkiye and Africa. It will be active in many African countries including; Nigeria, Cameroon and Morocco.

It also intends to portray Africans in a better light than theyʼve been portrayed by the west, as a beautiful continent with industrious people. With staff members from fifteen countries in the continent the goal is to create digital content, documentaries and exclusive stories that tell well rounded stories of African issues by Africans themselves.

TRT Afrika is the newest addition to other TRT divisions including TRT world, TRT Arabic, TRT Russian, TRT Deutsch, TRT Francais and TRT Balkan. Speaking at the summit, TRTʼs Director General Mehmet Zahid Sobaci said the launch of the channel is a “win-win situation” as it will reflect Turkish Policies with Africa.