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What made you think money rituals work?

The story went round in the tabloids sometime ago about an 18-year-old boy who strangled his mother in her sleep in the dead of night, then proceeded to rape her corpse and leave her for two days as a ritual for money! Again, I also read somewhere that a man killed a little girl for a money ritual. Recently, we heard the case of “Ini Umoren”. An innocent graduate who was lured, gang-raped and killed. Her case led to discovering many other dead bodies (mostly females) in some parts of Nigeria.

Ritualists lure unsuspecting victims and kill them, only to dump their bodies somewhere. (I don’t even know why 80% of these Money Ritual Doctors demand the blood or life of women: madwomen, mothers, prostitutes, wives and girlfriends).

What is responsible for this widespread belief that performing rituals with human body parts magically creates wealth? One of the foremost promoters of this repugnant idea is Nollywood (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Nigerian English films).

Intentionally or not, the Nigerian movie industry is one of the major avenues of inspiration in the belief that money ritual works. And although it has become a scourge in our society, Nollywood keeps on projecting it as a successful venture.

So let me disabuse your mind!

Anyone who believes money ritual works is a potential ritualist – a potential murderer – because the first step to becoming a ritualist is to believe it works.

Only two people alive know the exact recipe for Coca Cola. While Apple, Samsung and Xiaomin continue to hide their innovations and technology secrets from one another. They even carry out corporate espionage to know what the other person is doing for newer phone models.

See, if anyone knew or had the secret to making money and you believe the person’s calling or chosen occupation is to share or sell you such knowledge, I think you must have underestimated your stupidity.

Do you think Oyibo people did not know what they were doing when they invented the laws of “Trade Secrets” and “Corporate Espionage”?

Apple, Mark Zuckerberg, Samsung, Google and Dangote should be the people telling you of blood rituals to get money.

But Samsung and Apple are in court year in year out, fighting each other over the loss of revenues because of stolen knowledge. Do you believe that a Native Doctor in Nigeria knows a formula that will turn your mother’s blood into money for you? It is funny.