Style Hacks For Harmattan

The weather is getting colder, and everyone is pulling out their sweaters to protect themselves from the cold. Here are fashionable items to add to your wardrobe to keep you warm while also being stylish.

Turtlenecks are stylish pieces that both men and women can wear. They are both stylish and functional. You can pair it with skirts, slacks, jeans and even dresses depending on your preference.

Long Dresses and Skirts
Long dresses and skirts that reach down to your ankles are the best for this weather. Dust won’t cling to your legs, and when it gets extra cold, it gives an added layer of protection. There are so many cute options to choose from that would suit you the best.

It is very dusty this time of the year, so to prevent dust from flying into your eyes, it is best to invest in a nice pair of glasses. You would be able to keep your eyes open and see clearly on really dusty days, and you will also look stylish.

You won’t have to worry about your jacket messing up your outfit if you do it right. Choose the right colours and wear them appropriately, and you will be comfortable and stylish.

Also called head warmers, now is the time to put on one. They come in various colours, and you could pick one that suits your style. Men and women can also wear them.


Sneakers are incredible, and you could pair them with skirts, trousers and dresses. Get a nice pair to protect you from the cold and complement your outfit. Sneakers that look good with any outfit include; converse, new balance and vans. Buy them in neutral colours so they can match any outfit you choose.