What To Do When You Can’t Sleep at Night

If you’re like me you probably have a terrible sleeping schedule, and it annoys you because all you want to do is sleep but you can’t , you just can’t.

As a child I was told to count sheep but as an adult that’s just not to going work, mostly because I’m too old for that. Anyway, here are some tips I have for fixing your sleep schedule or keeping yourself occupied when you can’t sleep. Note; all these tips are strictly my opinion.

Watch a Movie: Look for the most slow paced movie you’ve been having a hard time watching and watch it. You’ll find your eyelids getting heavy and sleep would start to pull you in. If you end up liking the movie then great!

Dance: Yes, dancing in the mirror is so therapeutic. Play your favorite songs, plug in earphones so you don’t wake other people in the house, and let loose. Feel the music and sway, it doesn’t matter if you’re dancing badly, no one’s there to judge you so go for it. You’ll soon feel exhausted and when you get into bed after that, off you go to dreamland.

Build up fake scenarios: Building up fake scenarios to fall asleep is one of my favorite things to do and there’s so much to take from. You could think of what you’ll do when a project you’ve been working is finally complete and the rewards you’ll receive. If you have a crush you could also think of them reciprocating your feelings. You’re guaranteed to fall asleep with a smile on your face using this method.

Win Fake Arguments: You know when you’re arguing with someone and forget to make vital points that would prove you’re right until hours later when the argument is over? The best time to think of the perfect things you would have said is at night when you’re trying to sleep. You may not have won the actual argument but you’ll win it in your head as you try to sleep and that’s cool too.

Read: Find a nice book you’ve been putting off, and use the moment of your sleeplessness to read and enjoy an amazing story. These are some tips that have been tested, trusted and approved by me. You can try them too and remember, I’m not a doctor or sleep specialist just a girl with a terrible sleeping schedule trying to help other people with terrible sleeping schedules.