When Your Clothes Do The Talking

What you wear is often perceived as an expression of who you are and to an extent it is. We know a nurse is a nurse when we see her in her scrubs and we know a soldier is one when we see him in uniform, without asking we have an idea of what he is like just from the clothes he wears.
What you wear can also help others have a basic understanding of your background and beliefs. While some believe in minimalism, choosing to wear outfits that keep them out of the spotlight, others go for bright colours and quirky, daring styles what you like and who you are is expressed in your clothing.
Sometimes people get misjudged for their choice of clothing and are seen as loud, too quiet, boring or adventurous based on their choice of clothing.
These assumptions are harmful because while clothing tells you basic information, it could be wrong.
You could look at someone and perceive them to be promiscuous when in fact in they are not and the person you perceive as pure and kind because of their clothing may not be.
Kindness, self-respect, decency and integrity are not a look. It is seen in how you treat others.
We all have biases and it is not strange to be a little stiff around people who donʼt fit into your idea of good based on their choice of clothing, but it wouldnʼt hurt to check yourself and work on those feelings. People respond better to a warm reception than outright judgement.
What someone wears does not warrant disrespect especially when there is no dress code to adhere to, it is also not an invitation for harassment.
This doesnʼt mean you go into people’s spaces and disregard their beliefs with what you wear. If you find yourself in a conservative area, do well to blend in. You can do it in a way that fits you and respects the customs of the area you are in.
You will gain nothing from being disrespectful of what they deem to be appropriate and it will take nothing from you.