Am I Your Mate? The Nigerian Obsession With Undeserved Respect

Nigerians have an obsession with respect and it is one based on age, not because the person expecting to receive it has earned it. When you ask for respect in this country the only basis on which it will be given to you is if you are older. You can be bad, slap a baby or spit in someoneʼs face but the moment someone dares to speak to you based on that terrible behavior, some people will come out of the woodwork reminding them to be respectful.

Oh heʼs an old man, sheʼs an old woman. Itʼs why we elect people into high positions and when they donʼt act right and you start to criticize them someone will chip in with is that how you talk to your father?
Old age doesnʼt mean wisdom, infallibility or free from being held accountable for your actions.

You know how they say what an old man sees sitting down a child wonʼt be able to if even they climbed the highest tree. I disagree, age is only a number and simply celebrating a birthday every year that rapidly increases that number doesnʼt make you the gatekeeper of wisdom. Plus we have drones now you get a perfect view of what the elder is seeing.

We elected these old men into office after all and if they want respect they should earn it. It goes both ways, if you have respect for your citizens you will put policies in place that benefit them.

You canʼt be crying that you are oppressed and in the same breath complain that your oppressors are being disrespected because they are old.

Self respect is key and if you respect yourself then you will be respected by others, and even if someone tries to disrespect you anyone defending you will be justified.

My own is act accordingly, respect is reciprocal. If you want respect, give it. Iʼm not saying being rude is good but if we see things that arenʼt right we should be able to call it out and demand for accountability without being accused of being disrespectful.