Dealing With Skin Itchiness After Taking A Bath, some solutions

Have you felt itchy after a bath and had no idea why it started? You are not alone. This is a common problem many people face, and sometimes you may wonder if you are suddenly reacting to the bath soap/gel you’ve been using since you were fifteen years old. There are so many reasons this may be happening.

Causes of Skin Itchiness

Dry skin is one reason your skin may start to itch after you take a bath. This is a result of using hot water to shower, your soap coupled with the hot water strips the skin’s oils which causes the skin to feel dry and itchy.

Another reason you feel itchy after a bath is you use hard/harsh sponges and scrub too hard.

Some Solutions for Skin Itchiness

To deal with skin itchiness after showering, reduce your use of hot water to shower and quickly apply a moisturizer if you have one.

Substitute your hard sponge for a soft one and remember your body is not a rug; cleanse gently.

Also, after taking a bath, do not dry off by rubbing your towel against your skin aggressively; Pat dry instead as rubbing could cause irritation. Don’t completely rule out your soap too, if the irritation started only after you began using a new soap or body lotion, discontinue using the product.

These are only some of the causes of itching after taking a bath; if you still feel irritation after trying everything listed, you should see a doctor.