Health benefits of Garri

Today I will be talking about the OG food and that is garri! Garri has come through for many of us when we were sad, broke and hungry and by us I mean me. Everybody loves garri, at least people that have a sense of taste do. If you are happy, drink garri. If you are sad, drink garri. It is always a good time to drink garri.

And if you’re like, “no garri is not good for you, it’s bad for my eyes then I have good news for you and more.

Garri is actually really good for you and it doesn’t damage your eyes, contrary to what you’ve been told it actually improves it.

Garri is also great for when you have diarrhoea and there is no Flagyl in sight, just find the nearest bowl of Garri and eat some, whether you put it in water or eat it raw you will find some relief.

As we are getting deeper into the heat season, you may want to stock up on some Garri if you haven’t because it is an energy booster and it is great for days when you come back home after a long day being in the scorching sun. When you drink Garri with cold water, groundnuts and milk on the side I guarantee you that you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn. True Garri drinkers know what I’m talking about.

So if anyone tells you that Garri is for broke people only, ignore them. Garri is for everybody, before pizza and the likes we had Garri and it is just as good.