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The trail of tears; Russia attacks Ukraine

We are perfectly aware that the world is in disruption, the world of humanity. It became a crucial turning point in history. I had thought that, out there beyond the horizon of my ignorance, even though I didn’t know what was happening in the universe as much, I should know. I was discovering that the world was in chaos. In these circumstances, I decided to write from the region of my mind. It became clear that I could express the anguish and uncertainties humanity faces.

Russia and Ukraine share much of their history, but never have they been in a conflict like this, a war over history. On the 24th of February 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine. Ukraine was the most populous and industrialized republic after the Russian Soviet Republic. Since this, Ukraine has proposed to join North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

There are two sides to this notion. On the one side, Ukraine was denied part of NATO by the United States. The transatlantic union was created in 1949 to provide collective security against the Soviet Union. The coalition comprises western European countries, with the UK as one of the organization’s founding members.

To me, the utmost consideration is the lives and properties been lost in this battle. And a struggle without purpose has no importance for humanity. This has brought the world’s attention to this conflict of interest. Russia will not allow Ukraine to join NATO because it will threaten their country’s security. Other countries have no say in this fight because Ukraine is not part of NATO, and Russia is a country they benefit from, one way or the other.

This evening, I had a conversation with a friend of mine studying medicine in one of the Ukrainian universities. We started university together when they were opportune to secure a scholarship, a courtesy of their state government. Our discussion, which began that evening and has never ended, intensified a lot of frustrations and uncertainties. It drove me into some thoughts from what he had expressed. From his own words, what he witnessed looked like a movie, but it was a reality. Running to save your life was the foremost thing you could do at the moment. It was a scary nightmare for him. This is one among the hundreds, thousands and even millions of people out there trying to escape death. Those numbers include children, women, old age and the sick.

The nation was in turmoil from what we had seen and the update coming in.

Somehow, I concluded that, as the world is changing with many challenges in the race of humanity, if Ukraine can take a turn from its decision not join NATO, it will end the war. If not, Russia will use its military power to bring down the country and choose a leader that will go with their views. Between the two, one must be done. And when you pay keen attention to those solutions, the best is to withdraw their decision from joining NATO and restore peace in the country.

How long the suffering will take when the world keeps looking without any action. And the solution is already at the hands of the Ukrainian to decide.

For Nigerians wishing to go to Ukraine to fight, the second secretary at the Ukrainian embassy in Nigeria, Mr Bohdan Soltys, told the press that anyone volunteering to go and fight must pay $1000 for a visa and air ticket. This will probably change their minds and turn home to help their country fight insecurity, banditry, kidnapping, and other challenges Nigeria is facing, as everyone has something to offer to his society. If this decision is taken, Nigerian history will never forget their names.

Finally, we wish to see the Ukrainian president take the best decision. A decision which the country will be proud to have him as their leader, who will bring comfort during the time of uncertainty. Only then the world of humanity will be happy, the country and the generations to come.