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How To Keep Your Relationship Alive Past the Honeymoon Phase

So many people complain about the death of certain things in their relationship that was present in the beginning, and because of that, they may resent their partner for not making an effort as they used to at the start. Sometimes we get used to having our partners around that we get too comfortable and let the spark die because we are not trying to keep them as we did initially; this puts a strain on the relationship.
You have to remember that relationships take work, and once you stop trying to make it work, unpleasant feelings may creep in. Your partner may feel stuck once they no longer feel the spark there. And that is why you need to find new ways to grow and keep your relationship fresh and exciting

Be Curious About Your Partner
It doesnʼt matters how long you have been together; people change and may find new things to be excited about. So ask, donʼt rely on assumptions about what you think they are into. Assumptions could cause problems because you could get your partner something you think they like, and then you find out they stopped liking it years ago, leading
them to feel like you donʼt care enough to know what they want and are only concerned about yourself. Asking will help you understand them better; it will also help you connect more as it opens up a space for vulnerability.

Speak Up About Your Needs
Donʼt expect your partner to read your mind and automatically know how to treat you. People have different love languages, so instead of getting upset when your partner expresses love in the way they understand, tell them how you want to be loved. Donʼt feel shame in wanting things for fear of being perceived as blunt, aggressive or too demanding. Speak up; that way, you know if your partner is genuinely committed to making the relationship, and if they are not, you know what course of action to take.

Be Transparent
Share your fears, trauma, and dreams. The more you know someone, the more you start revealing things about yourself. If you want your partner to be honest with you, you have to be honest with them. Allow yourself to be loved for who you are.

Have The Hard Conversations
Ignoring something doesnʼt make it go away; it only causes more problems later. Whenever a problem arises, it is best to nip it in the bud
instead of shoving it aside; you may resent your partner for something you could have addressed the minute it happened.