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Tips Your Hair Will Thank You For

We all have bad hair days, and it can get frustrating when your hair refuses to behave. Does having healthy, beautiful hair seem like a pipe dream to you? Something you only see on hair models on Tv. Well, it is possible if you practice proper hair care, which is why I’ll share some tips with you.
Wash Your Hair Regularly Ensure that you donʼt skip hair wash day as it frees your hair of dirt and excess oil. As black women, we mostly have our hair in braids or weaves and tend to leave it in for a while. So it is essential to wash your hair once you remove your extensions. Not washing your hair regularly can cause ingrown hairs. Attracting dust to your hair by leaving it unwashed can make you feel itchy and cause your hair to fall out.
Dry Your Hair Naturally
Yes, blow-drying or sitting in a dryer helps dry your hair faster and makes it look beautiful. But excessive heat styling can damage your scalp. Practice air drying or towel drying more and leave heat styling for important events. Also, donʼt aggressively dry your hair with a towel as it can cause damage to your hair. Be gentle.
Oil Your Hair Well
Oiling and massaging your hair helps improve blood circulation on the scalp, increases shine, relaxes your muscles and nourishes the hair. It also keeps your hair moisturized and enables hair growth. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and castor oil.
Use A Wide Toothed Comb
Do not brush wet hair; it is fragile and prone to breakage. Let your hair dry, and then use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair.
Drink More Water
Hydration is vital for hair growth and key to well-balanced and healthy hair. It is not enough to use hydrating hair products and oils, and drinking water is what you need to unlock the benefits of your hair products.
Eat Healthily
Ever heard the saying, “you are what you eat”? Well, it also applies to hair care. Your hair is made of proteins and amino acids. For it to grow and be well maintained, you need to eat right. Eggs, fish, vegetables, and sweet potatoes are some great foods for great hair.
These are just some tips required to keep your hair healthy, practice them, and your hair will thank you.