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Let Them Eat Cake!

The invention of cake originated in ancient Egypt as round, flat, unleavened bread cooked on a hot stone. The evolution of baked goods continued over many centuries through the introduction of new ingredients and the invention of new baking techniques.
The first cakes are believed to have been prepared by the Ancient Greeks, who baked round or moon-shaped cakes or bread sweetened with honey to symbolise the moon. They topped the cakes with candles to please Artemis, the Moon Goddess.
However, it was not until the 15th century that the Germans celebrated the first modern-day birthday celebration of kids with a cake. Cakes during this time were still coarse, bread-like and not as sweet as the present-day cakes.
A cake is essential when it comes to celebrations. It adds more happiness to the occasion, symbolises success and milestones, and makes a perfect gift to warm the celebrant’s heart. Nothing can beat the power of cakes to light up the party and make things extra special.
Every small or significant occasion in life calls for a celebration, and every celebration demands a cake. That too, a yummy and creamy one. The way cakes melt in the mouth and offer a heavenly flavour to the taste buds is unparalleled. Whether you are meeting a long-lost friend or throwing a surprise birthday party for your beloved, the cake fits in perfectly.
Some further occasions where cake cutting is a must. Are Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, valentine, Christmas, new years, baby showers, bridal showers, children’s day, graduation.
Whenever there’s a celebration, there’s a cake. Most celebrations we know of today are incomplete without a cake to commemorate the event.
Cakes are necessary to bring more joy to the celebration, whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation, or promotion. No matter how many different sweet treats there are, nothing can replace the uniqueness of cakes. After all, what is a party without a cake?
Here are many reasons you shouldnʼt forget a cake for a special celebration. Here are some of them.
Cakes Add Joy and Excitement to the Celebration
With its lively colours and creative design, a cake can make any occasion more fun and enjoyable. Of course, nothing is more special than sharing a sweet and tasty confection with your beloved guests.
Cakes Signify Milestones Apart from bringing more happiness to the celebration, and a cake can also symbolise success and milestones like weddings, birthdays, new years etc.
Cakes Can Be Personalised for a Special Touch
Nothing can be more memorable and heartwarming than a personalised cake for an important celebration.
No matter what occasion you celebrate, a cake is something you shouldnʼt miss.