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Northern Nigeria has to come alive to its vast potentials, advantage and responsibilities.

We, from the northern region, have the most populated area in Nigeria. We have more ex-Military officers who benefited from the generosity of the military Government than any other region in this sovereign state.

We have more ex-Presidents, Senators, Governors and Ministers who squandered, laundered and raided the National treasury than any other region in this country. We have the most significant number of Government-made-me-Billionaires.

We have a sizeable chunk of the Nation’s infrastructure and social amenities in the North.

Do you know that Jigawa State gets a Federal Allocation fund that is far higher than top revenue-generating states like Ogun, Imo, Ondo, Enugu, Cross Rivers, Abia, Edo and Anambra?

Do you know that the indices for allocation of Revenues by the Federal Government are certain factors such as landmass, population, access to Health care, access to potable drinking water and access to Education?

So if the residents of particular state neglect to go to school – the Federal Government would pay the state more money.

Do you wonder why Jigawa, Kano and Kebbi States spend billions of Naira organizing mass weddings?

Do you wonder why very few Northern medical doctors and entrepreneurs build private hospitals in our states and region?

Do you wonder why individuals hardly construct water boreholes in the Northern region?

Do you wonder why a Northern Governor once bought 13 000 coffins for Islamic burial as Sallah gifts?

Do you wonder why a Jigawa State Governor once built 90 new Mosques instead of Science Research Center, Classrooms, Medical equipment, and Water generating installations?

Other parts of the country are mostly only left to use their Human Capital which is the most significant economic power, because of their freedom to think, say, work and do what they want, think and envision.

If care is not taken, even if the Federal Government build nuclear reactors, electric Railways, space stations, silicon valley, roads and artificial intelligence facilities in Northern Nigeria, other parts will remain economically and technologically ahead of us.

Without FREEDOM OF THOUGHTS AND EXPRESSIONS, people can never be innovative and creative enough to invent or work on an idea.

Stringent doctrinal laws, extremism, violence and almajiri can never exist side by side with human development. quote me anywhere.

BokoHaram, Fulani Herdsmen Terrorism and Kidnapping Bandits are pieces of evidence of my assertion.