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Weird Animal Facts

Animals are amazing and if you spend your free time watching National Geographic or the discovery channel you know itʼs true. So if you are fascinated by them here are some interesting and funny facts I found for you.
A snail can sleep for three years. This is probably why they are one of the slowest animals in the world because when you spend most of your time sleeping, everything and everyone will pass you by.
But the real reason they can sleep for that long is that they need moisture, which is why they are easily found in damp areas, so when the weather doesnʼt cooperate they can sleep up to three years.
A shrimpʼs heart is in its head. If it were human it would be the most confused person because you know how they say keep your head and heart separate? It would be hard to manage that when they both reside in the same place.
Elephants are the only animals that canʼt jump. Does this come as a surprise to anyone because I am not in the least surprised. The muscles of their feet and their ankles are not as flexible as other animals. Also, they are heavyset so it is not rocket science why they cannot jump.
Moths experience love at first scent. When a male moth catches a whiff of a female moth, he travels miles to find her-led by her scent. They donʼt need to know what she sounds or looks like, they just follow her scent.
Why donʼt we call people in love moths instead of lovebirds? Cos this is quite interesting and romantic.
Rats Laugh
I am not particularly thrilled about this because I dislike rats and now knowing that they laugh after all the havoc they cause doesnʼt sit well with me. Scientists donʼt think they have a sense of humour, but when tickled they make a laugh-like sound.
Cows Produce More Milk when listening to slow music.
Yes, slow jams help cows get in the moo-d. Got it? Moo-d! Researchers at the university of Leicesterʼs school of psychology found that cows produced 1.54 more pints per day when they played slow music. They are just like me for real, needing slow music to feel relaxed and vulnerable.
Sperm whales in the Caribbean have an accent
Just like humans have different accents and speech patterns, whales do too. Researchers found evidence that whales in the Caribbean have a different accent in other oceans. Imagine a Caribbean whale meets a whale from another ocean and it starts to speak patois in whale language of course.
Last but not least is a housefly buzzes in an F key. I believe I speak for everybody when I say we donʼt care, we donʼt want to hear that annoying sound no matter how perfect the pitch is. It’s kind of like that annoying person who thinks they can sing and just wonʼt stop when in fact they are making your ears bleed.